Who's calling me ?

National number 0114 383 0134
Full number +441143830134
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Area code location Sheffield
Type of number FIXED LINE
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The caller hangs up when you answer HARRASSING CALL !!
7 months ago
Answered this call which immediately beeped then went dead. Blocking this number.
7 months ago
Just had a call from this number today 31st January 2020 at 14:37. Nobody answered. Rang number back and it is an automated voice with a female voice,american accent saying if you want to opt out,say your name,address and phone number. No mention of Company name and no mention of what you would be opting out of! No doubt its a company wanting to get hold of your details,so they can ring you back and try to con you out of something!!!
8 months ago
I answered "hello" several times, no noise, then the phone went dead. twice this has happened today!
8 months ago

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