Who's calling me ?

Type of phone number fixed line
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this is a scam they say there bt calling about my line ...im not with bt
10 days ago
Scam suggesting that I may have been in a car accident. Avoid this number.
14 days ago
Scam call suggesting I was in an accident that wasn't my fault. I had some fun winding them up until they hung up on me.
14 days ago
The usual Scammers call suggesting i was in an accident, not listening to the negative answer, proceeding with the written down transcript and hanging up when they couldn't get a reply.
14 days ago
Robot voice asking if I had been in an accident. Avoid its a scam/nuisance call
16 days ago
Scam suggesting that I may have been in a car accident. I don't drive.
17 days ago
Purporting to be MasterCard or Visa security.
20 days ago
Scam call for an accident that wasn't my fault. May have been my fault, seeing as I can't drive.
20 days ago
Recorded voice message about an accident that wasn't my fault. If you speak it triggers connection to a real person. You can have some fun with it, but it is a scam.
27 days ago
Rang and hung up on answer
27 days ago
Claims to be from Virgin Media, saying there is a problem with the internet connection (There isn't).
29 days ago
Called me, I answered but they hung up. Checked the number online but couldn't find anything and when I tried to return the call, it said "the number that you have called has not been recognised"...
2 days ago