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Hermes not asking for payment.. go away
3 days ago
Same as other commenters on this number. Claims to be a rep in my area and his records show I have the old type of loft insulation (I don't). We're registered with the TPS but still had 2 calls from him today.
6 days ago
Major scam from Bournemouth town centre. Bournemouth police should arrest. Dishonest location, dishonest company name, just seeking personal ID details. When 'Chris' was challenged on his ID, he cut off the call
9 days ago
Nuisance call, about government boiler grants.
9 days ago
Automated scam call claiming to be from Amazon.
9 days ago
Loft Insulation SPAM
10 days ago
Did not answer the call but when I called them back (witholding my number), the recorded message is, "Hello you were contacted today for market research purposes by Digital Solution Marketing Company. We may attempt to contact you again in the future, if you would no longer like to receive these calls, please press one." My number has been registered with the Telephone Preference Service. A legitimate organisation would respect that preference so clearly this is not a legitimate organisation.
10 days ago
Hi this is Chris your local energy supplier, this time via a different number. Chris hung up when asked how obtained my number. Reported to TPS.
10 days ago
Telephoned saying they were BT and my internet had been compromised somehow. Advised them to send a message via by BT account they hung up.
11 days ago
Rang my elderly mother about loft insulation, when found out she was over 85 caller hung up on her.
13 days ago
Big Scam - Indian man called claiming to be from Virgin Media Support Team. Asked me to go on App Store and download the “Quick Time Support” App., so he could log in to my device and check my broadband signal. Offered a new router free of charge and 10% off for all future bills, only if I followed his instructions. Asked him for his number so that I could call him back to proceed and he hung up pretty quick. Tried to call the number back from the caller display and could not connect as the number was unallocated. Then called Virgin Media Support Team myself who confirmed it’s a SCAM.
13 days ago
female caller. Strong foreign accent. Household survey questions.
18 days ago
Visa scam possibly. Using a Leicester code 0116
24 days ago
automated message, card scam
24 days ago
Stated was Uk domestic appliance insurance, when asked where from stated Brighton, when they asked me to confirm my address I asked for the callers home address, several times, when eventually called stated that they were not allowed to give their home address out, I asked why they expected me to confirm my address then when they will not confirm theirs, they then hung up without reply. spam caller.
24 days ago
Claimed to be car phone warehouse calling "on behalf of my network" and that "they had permission from them". Highly unlikely. Marketing/spam attempt. The person got stroppy and continually talked over me when I tried to ask why they had my number. Very unprofessional, even if legitimate. Avoid.
24 days ago