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I was called by 01285 070 640 but they left no message. I called the number back but recorded operator message advised "you have dialled an incorrect number" so most likely a scam.
15 hours ago
Spam number - asked if I had been involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault, I don't drive and dont own a car
16 hours ago
Car accident, hung up and blocked
17 hours ago
Accident claim person trying to tell me I'd been in an accident.
17 hours ago
Claiming to be an accident claims specialist. Called a business number and kept demanding to know if I had an accident, even though I am an employee of the business.
17 hours ago
Robo caller stating that I had been in a car accident. It even left daft gaps for me to reply
17 hours ago
Automated call supposedly from HMRC, saying there was a tax fraud case against me, and if I didn't press 1 I would get arrested!
18 hours ago
Tried calling back number doesn’t exist !
18 hours ago
Automated accident claims spam.
1 day ago
automated call, no response when answered and phone went dead. Tried to ring back, says phone number not available. number now blocked
1 day ago
Scam call kindly letting me know I've had a car accident (which of course I haven't). I just hung up.
5 days ago
Nuisance call - called me on 21/10/2020 about an accident that wasn’t my fault. Hung up and blocked.
5 days ago
Automated call supposedly from my bank, which was not named, saying money debited from debit card. Press 1 for fraud department. Obviously I didn’t do so.
5 days ago
Threating phone call pretending to be from HMRC, urging me to prees, or else I would be arrested shortly.
5 days ago
Fraud/scam call. Say they are from the Inland Revenue and I have a fraud case against me. Cut them off.
5 days ago
An pre-recorded insurance scam call.
6 days ago
Also received a call from 'HMRC' threatening warrant for arrest. Caller hung up.
6 days ago
Called me and I missed the call, but you cant call the no. back. I suspect nuisance call!
6 days ago
Scam call. Indian with English name (previous one claimed his name was Mike Wilson). Said from Virgin Media. They try to get you to run the Assoc command on your computer so they can get access. Avoid at all costs
6 days ago
Someone telling me I’d been in a non fault car accident I haven’t
6 days ago
HMRC Automated message saying I'll be arrested if I don't press one.
6 days ago
Spam caller about accident I apparently had
6 days ago
Just had a call from this number saying there is a tax fraud enquiry about me and I should press no 1 to connect to them
6 days ago
Gave a name for some fake company, managed to get as far as "I understand you've recently been in a car accident..." before I hung up.
6 days ago
SCAM - "Phoebe Armstrong" from "Ardent Advice Solutions" - computer generated voice calling about the non-existent accident
6 days ago
6 days ago
Lady saying she understands that I was involved in a car accident which was not my fault. Clearly a scam so I hung up!
6 days ago
Scam call. Automated message made to sound like you're having a conversation. Claiming you've been in a car accident.
6 days ago
claims to be amazon prime
6 days ago
Supposedly Virgin Media reporting a problem on my internet. When I asked him to tell me my account number he just went silent and then repeated a four letter expletive 6 times as he realised he had no answer.
6 days ago