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Called "you have been involved in a car accident, which was not your fault...." said I have loads of accidents - "what date was it?" Started waffling about medical negligence, trips and slips on she went. I asked again "what date" - she hung up.
16 hours ago
Felixstowe number called about an accident I was involved in recently. Not for the first time had similar calls from a Felixstowe area code number......
3 days ago
SCAM - HMRC scam , block number
3 days ago
SPAM, accident claim company.
3 days ago
HMRC scam
3 days ago
Broadband telling me I am being hacked
3 days ago
Scam, they are criminals. Calling saying HMRC found unpaid taxes, police is looking for you and want to arrest you. They ask you to pay money. Don't do, hang up and report to police. SCAM!
4 days ago
Computer automated girl voice. "calling from a car accident" advice line. SPAM
4 days ago
Accident scam, but was a real person calling but went through her script even when I didn't give the correct prompt
4 days ago
says from amazon prime asking to renew contract. scam
4 days ago
FRAUD! claiming to be Amazon Prime, but want you to download a software to have access to your pc.
4 days ago
Call supposedly from Tax UK stating if I didn’t press 1 I would get arrested shortly. Obviously a scam but some poor people may fall for this.
4 days ago
did not answer , tried to recall the number but BT said the number was incorrect
4 days ago
Nuisance call saying I'd been involved in a car accident. Spam call. Told them not to call me back.
4 days ago
Accident chasers, wouldn't say who they wanted to talk to. They hung up when I kept asking who they wanted!!
4 days ago
car accident claim company, SCAM CALL as I have not been involved in an accident. Advised her to get a proper job, but I believe it could have been a recorded voice as she eventually repeated the question.
4 days ago
Car accident scammer
4 days ago
Spam. Another "I believe you were in an accident" time waster
4 days ago
Like others have said. This one is claiming to be from HMRC and I'll be arrested for fraud if I don't press 1. I eagerly await the knock on my door... Definite scam.
4 days ago
Pre recorded message about charge made to visa/MasterCard from foreign country! Do they thing we’re all stupid!
5 days ago
claims to be HMRC fraud, if don't press 1 to be connected you will be arrested
5 days ago
Car accident not your fault scam
5 days ago
asked if I had been involved in an accident. Replied that not likely as I don't drive. Put on to an asian sounding gentleman. he then suggested that I had been a passenger in a car that had been involved in an accident. Not pleased when I accused him of trying to scam people. He was unable to confirm my name as it was confidential.!!!!. BEWARE.
5 days ago
Claiming I have been involved in a tax fraud, same request as others, you will be arrested if I did not select '1'
5 days ago
Another car accident call Says they’ve got number from RTA reports Lies
5 days ago
Claiming to be HRMC about tax fraud and that if I ignored it I would be arrested :-)
5 days ago
Pre-recorded message tape recording - nuisance car accident.
5 days ago
Car accident auto dialler - block!
5 days ago
Usual HMRC scam
5 days ago
SCAM - pretends to be from BT Technical Department - give them a mouthful.
6 days ago