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Had a call from an automated servucve saying my National Insurance Number had been compromised followed by the usual 'Press 1 to speak to...' Obviously yet another scammer.
5 days ago
"Involved in an accident" spam
5 days ago
Scam about a suspicious charge on Amazon account. My account has been put on hold! Automated American voice.
11 days ago
Claimed to be Carphone Warehouse with an offer on an iPhone 12 pro, I said I'm ok thanks and they hung up without saying another word, so I don't believe this was actually carphone warehouse, but possibly a scam
11 days ago
Supposedly from HMRC about money owing and threatening arrest if I did not press 1. Obviously a scam
11 days ago
claiming someone is using my NI number
12 days ago
A machine passing off as a mans voice claiming to be from national crime agency, saying that my National Insurance Number has been suspended - I hung up
13 days ago
Fairly well spoken male: "Hello, this is your energy supplier, I understand you are the homeowner of the property." Me: "Which property is this?" Caller hung up. This is a scam call getting you to say YES as a reply so they can get you onto their dodgy database in order to plague you with calls and marketing.
14 days ago
Suspect scam linked to D P D, coincided with actual D P D delivery but was too late as the goods had been received.
16 days ago
Caller wanted to talk to my 88 year old mum about money coming out of her account. When she said they'd need to speak to me and handed the phone over they hung up.
17 days ago
Recorded voice telling me that my number was being investigated for illegal activity - contact us immediately - press 1 to speak to an officer. Scam or Fraud.
17 days ago
Typical fake HMRC scam caller
20 days ago
Typical fake HMRC scam caller... blocked
20 days ago
suspect possibly part of ''this is your internet provider'' scam
21 days ago
Automated message claiming the fraud department are investigating into my national insurance number being used for some reason. I answered the first time and hung up. I have been called by the same number 3 more time on the same day but rejected them.
21 days ago
I received a scam message purporting to be from HSBC on this number asking me to click on a link ... Just delete these scams
21 days ago