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pretended to be amazon accounts
4 days ago
Scam call from this number warning me about credit card payments and inviting me to 'press 1 to speak to an operator'. Robot with an American accent
7 days ago
Patrick calls me twice a day every day about loft insulation despite telling him i am not interested and he does not know what is in my loft!
7 days ago
Call about loft insulation causing damp, I said I wasn’t interested a number of times but he was very persistent.
10 days ago
Chris local area rep called re loft insulation, hung up
10 days ago
"Chris: your local energy adviser" That's as far as the scammer got.
12 days ago
Loft insulation scam. Sounded just like Chris the energy expert on a similar number
12 days ago
My phone has always been ex-directory - so I virtually never receive cold calls - diary - " about to leave - two minutes ago - when the phone rang and I thought it might be X ringing me back - no - silent - clicking - call centre - then connected - silence - I said hello - a voice said hello - I waited - " Hi - my name is Tom - and I am calling you about your loft insulation - " - I put the phone down - who gave them my number ?
12 days ago
Scam enforcement officer saying they have a CCJ and are visiting at 2pm to seize goods, why would an enforcement officer pre warn you of his intended visit
19 days ago
English sounding but definitely cold call scam about non existent loft insulation who wouldn't take no for an answer
19 days ago
scam call about "your purchase of iphone 7 for £300".
19 days ago
apparently I'm being arrested for tax evasion. Am I Al Capone - No!
26 days ago
Call about loft insulation (free survey) - I asked where they got my number from they hung up.
28 days ago