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just put the phone down as I answered. how rude
21 hours ago
called and hung up
23 hours ago
I got a call from this number but when I called it back it doesnt connect.
1 day ago
Hung up on answering. Assuming this is a bogus insurance call, or similar. Blocked number.
1 day ago
silent caller, a possible scammer
1 day ago
Picked up my mobile and I just waited until a girl's voice started saying "Hello... Hello...." then she said "Good evening..." This was at 11:00am LOL. I just hanged up
1 day ago
Unwanted call about washing machine warranties. Had several of these from different numbers and areas over the last two weeks. Obviously a big "phish".
1 day ago
rang but hung up - incorrect number message when calling back - scam
1 day ago
They will call as if from BT. It's not from BT. They are scammers. Hang up, don't engage them.
1 day ago
Called and said i registered with their education department which i did not. the person became very hostile when i told them i am not the person they looking for. I immediately hung up
1 day ago
Called twice today
1 day ago
Loft insulation check scan. Hang up.
1 day ago
Someone saying they were from Southern Water & asking if I wanted help saving money on water bill... I said no thanks
1 day ago
Accodent that wasn't my fault
1 day ago
Missed call, don't know anyone from Chelmsford. I get these random calls on different numbers every few weeks or so.
1 day ago
Just been insulted by the person who called me from this number.
1 day ago
Called my mobile. Phone Didn't ring, just came up as missed call
1 day ago
? is it. no call back accepted
1 day ago
Unknown number, missed call no message. Can't be important.
1 day ago
As below telling us our internet provider has been trying to get in contact with us about illegal activity and if we don't respond it will be shut down- so ignored it
1 day ago
Another nuisance number calling about a car accident taht didn't happen. Why do they bother?? or is it simply to find out if your number is "live" so that they can pas it on the scammers???
2 days ago
Nuisance. Did not leave message
2 days ago
called my mobile. call ended when i answered
2 days ago
This number rang me, my mum, my younger brother all on separate days within a 72 hour time period about a car accident, considering my brother doesn't drive. People need to get a real job god.
2 days ago
Says they are from RightPath advice. Recorded message - my advice is don't bother scam call
2 days ago
Rang, Answered and after 5 seconds of no communication hung up
2 days ago
Rang but hung up
2 days ago
cut as soon as answered - annoying
2 days ago
Called me today. I don't know anybody from Cirencester.
2 days ago
Scam Call. Did'nt recognise number so didn't pick up. Found this to be a Cirencester code but, when you call it back message says "Number is incorrect", whoever it is is using software that generates fake numbers so caller could be anywhere in the country.
2 days ago