Who's calling me ?

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scam call about "your purchase of iphone 7 for £300".
20 days ago
pretended to be amazon accounts
4 days ago
Scam call from this number warning me about credit card payments and inviting me to 'press 1 to speak to an operator'. Robot with an American accent
7 days ago
Patrick calls me twice a day every day about loft insulation despite telling him i am not interested and he does not know what is in my loft!
7 days ago
Call about loft insulation causing damp, I said I wasn’t interested a number of times but he was very persistent.
10 days ago
Chris local area rep called re loft insulation, hung up
10 days ago
"Chris: your local energy adviser" That's as far as the scammer got.
12 days ago
Loft insulation scam. Sounded just like Chris the energy expert on a similar number
12 days ago
My phone has always been ex-directory - so I virtually never receive cold calls - diary - " about to leave - two minutes ago - when the phone rang and I thought it might be X ringing me back - no - silent - clicking - call centre - then connected - silence - I said hello - a voice said hello - I waited - " Hi - my name is Tom - and I am calling you about your loft insulation - " - I put the phone down - who gave them my number ?
12 days ago
English sounding but definitely cold call scam about non existent loft insulation who wouldn't take no for an answer
19 days ago
Call about loft insulation (free survey) - I asked where they got my number from they hung up.
28 days ago