Who's calling me ?

Type of phone number fixed line
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Called twice. First time just silence (checking if number is live). Second call 'Chris' telling me my loft insulation was insufficient and they were offering a free government assessment. I told him I had a loft conversion and there was no such thing as the survey. He hung up
9 days ago
Offering ‘Government loft survey’. Number does not exist.
14 days ago
Insulation cold call or scam - keeps calling saying we'll have condensation - as we have a thatch we dont have any -didnt shut him up though
15 days ago
Free insulation check scam yet again
19 days ago
A call from the well known Chris your local energy advisor scam outfit. hung up when I asked what made him think that Bournemouth was local to North Wales.
21 days ago
I receive several calls a week from 'my local energy advisor'. I always ask who it is they want to speak to and they just hang up.
23 days ago
"Chris, your local energy advisor" Scam - hung up
27 days ago
Another loft insulation scammer...
27 days ago
Loft insulation Scam from a new number. Same old patter on the phone. I let him waffle on about the ins and outs of loft insulation and agreed with everything he said, then when he got to the sign up part I told him I no longer have a loft as its now my office that I am talking to him from !!!
27 days ago
Loft Insulation Scammers. Guy on phone said they had been assigned for my local postcode to deal with upgrade of Loft Insulation. It made me laugh when a so called professional is referring to it as "Yellow Fluffy Stuff" ! When asked what the approved postcode was he fell silent and hung up.
27 days ago