Who's calling me ?

Type of phone number fixed line
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Suspected Scam HMRC - pretending I am being prosecuted for fraud, press 1 or will be arrested
20 days ago
Scam HMRC - Been investigated for tax fraud
2 months ago
Scam HMRC - Warrant out for my arrest, press 1 to speak to an official
3 months ago
scam call, pretending to be from HMRC
3 months ago
An automated call relating to authorising a credit card payment authorisation? Called back and number not recognised.
8 months ago
Received robot-human voice message from 'HMRC'saying I'd been implicated in a tax fraud scheme, needed to press 1 to speak to an agent or I would be arrested shortly. Put the phone down immediately.
8 days ago
Prerecorded message from HMRC. Definitely a scam.
9 days ago
A scam .... claiming you might be arrested, if do not reply....
11 days ago
As others have said, this is a blatant tax fraud scam. Hang up and block.
14 days ago
Automated message saying I had committed tax fraud and needed to press 1 or I would be arrested! Funny that they would give you a heads up that you are about to be arrested!
15 days ago
This is HMRC scam
17 days ago
Tax Fraud Scam
19 days ago