Who's calling me ?

Type of phone number fixed line
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Said they had been informed I had been in a road accident which was not my fault. Flipping nuisance phone call.
3 months ago
Car accident!!! So put phone right up against speaker, put volume up high, switched to AM and put radio on. Static that b1tch out wide and clear
3 months ago
Amazon Prime about to take £70+ today for my "membership". No they're not!
4 months ago
Rang home saying our Amazon Prime account was about to be renewed and they would be money from my account. I played along wiht him up to the point of asking me to download some PC monitoring software. Clearly scam.
11 months ago
FRAUD! claiming to be Amazon Prime, but want you to download a software to have access to your pc.
4 days ago
Automated voice about being from tax fraud, who in menacing voice wanted contact... I hanged up.
13 days ago