Who's calling me ?

Type of phone number fixed line
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01539115570 01539119781 01539110338 01539110883 01539112774 01539116764 01539116980 01539115068 01539115541 01539110478

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Dangerous fraud call, claiming to be from Inland Revenue with an arrest warrant if you do not press 1
10 days ago
FRAUD. Claims they are going to disconnect your internet unless you talk to them.
19 days ago
Spam caller saying your internet is going to be disconnected in 4 hours.
24 days ago
HMRC tax scam call~ Just ignore it 24/02/21
4 days ago
Scam HMRC tax scam dont answer Hang up
4 days ago
Automated call from BT claiming our internet was going to be disconnected due to internet theft! Said to press 1 for further details. Hung up. Must be a scam.
4 days ago
I had a lovely long call with this so called BT advicer. I kept him on the line for as long as i could, but he gave up asking for personal details and hung up on me. haha. poor man. The world is full of them .. be careful everyone.
4 days ago
Rang to tell me I have been reported for tax fraud
6 days ago
Press 1 now or there will be a warrant for your arrest shortly. claiming to be HMRC
6 days ago
Said they were from BT and that they had identified a problem with my router. Did not carry on the call to find out.Mist likely a hoax. Not having any issues.
6 days ago
HMRC Warrant to be issues scam if we dont press 1. However it got disconnected within few minutes
6 days ago
they said that they were from revenue and tax
10 days ago